Recovering Misogynist

I am happy to announce that a scratch reading of Recovering Misogynist will be in the Pulse Festival on 31 May 2019.

Here is the ticket link

And here it is again because it doesn’t seem to be working…

Come say hi if you are there. I would love to meet you.


I went to hear Selena Godden and Hannah Jane Walker in the Women Take The Fitz event at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and Selena read a poem where she refused to be shushed. I am inspired. I refuse to be shushed. This is what I want to say. First what we all need to…


Brett Kavanaugh

I went on a date with Brett Kavanaugh in 1998. I was working for Robert Bennett at Skadden representing Bill Clinton. Kavanaugh was working for Ken Starr. The people who set us up imagined a sort of Romeo and Juliet situation, and it was, except for the fact that we did not love each other…



Having concluded in my last post that I was, in the words of Lucy Prebbles, less of a feminist and more of a recovering misogynist, I am having some very odd days of #MeToo. For me this is groundbreaking. I think other people might feel that way too. We are all moving forward, we are…