Image by BeŻet, Wikimedia Commons

Mother Daughter Holy Spirit


The most devout Evangelicals in a small town have the wildest daughter. Footloose, but darker:  Ms. Pac-Man, pot brownies and demonic possession.

Running time:

90 min.

Setting:  The 1980’s. Western New York State.


REBEKAH SHIPMAN. 15 and lively.

BOP SHERRELL. Rebekah’s best friend. Timid and Catholic.

SKIPPY. Rebekah’s other best friend. Just Catholic.

OWEN SHIPMAN. 11, Rebekah’s brother

MEREDITH SHIPMAN. Rebekah’s mother

JOHN SHIPMAN. Rebekah’s father.

FATHER HARVIN. Small town priest

MRS. SHERRELL. Bop’s mother.

LESTER. 20s. Small town pot dealer.

Icon: Standing on the Shoulders of Demons attributed to Pixabay