Three Day Play

Invitation – August 19-21st

Your relevant offspring (or you) are invited to be a part of the Three Day Play…. Monday to Wednesday, August 19-21.

This is an opportunity to create a short play over three days with me, Sochel Rogers and my kids in my backyard.

Interaction, imagination, and silliness. Extremely low-tech.

I don’t know how they are going to top last year’s art heist drama The Lockdown.

Depending on interest, we may split between older and younger kids and let the older kids come up with their own play.

On the last day (a Wednesday) we’ll ask the parents to come a bit early and see what has been created.

Best friends and neighbours welcome.

Cost will be somewhat dependent on numbers – we hope to keep it at £50 for the three days. I don’t take the money – it goes to Sochel for such ludicrous frippery as groceries.

Guess who is coming back to lead the brilliant nonsense? Our Sochel. Sochel Rogers is an accomplished actor and deviser and her in-the-moment butterfly technique is healthy and expansive and fun.

Send me a message to be included.



Three Day Play 2015