Recovering Misogynist

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Recovering Misogynist is the recipient of a Troop New Idea Fund grant from Cambridge Junction and is being developed with Hannah Jane Walker and Steffi Mueller with support from Park Theatre (London), Camden People’s Theatre, The Pleasance and Arts Council England.

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An excerpt from a segment entitled No Man’s Land:

Everyone has a blue and white painted plate and help themselves to beautifully filleted fish and we drink cold water from cold glasses and it is so delicious.
And the conversations are rivulets,

Mary Beard says she is not ruling it out, she would watch a Woody Allen movie again but my secretary says they are spoiled for her, she can’t watch them.

Further down the table Weinstein downs the rest of his Pinot Noir and forks himself some more turkey so quickly the candelabra’s flames gut. He leans in, in a way that makes you thrilled to be the recipient of his confidences, he leans in and the rest of the table leans in too; the movement is reflected in the wine glasses, he leans in and says Woody didn’t even do it. I did do it. What will happen to my movies?

Monica Lewinsky stares at him gently, her magnificent brown hair shining in the diffuse light. She says that Pulp Fiction will always be her favourite movie.

Debra speaks up rather hesitantly, she speaks in a circular generous way but finally gets around to making the point that Monica herself did not feel abused by the President but she was in fact abused by the president.

Monica interrupts with ‘ but I was in love.’

Mary Beard’s round glasses only reflect the candlelight, how do we disaggregate the good from the bad?

Violet Overn's Frat Party Series

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